Sony Xperia X Compact (Kugo)

I would love to use /e/ on my Sony X Xperia Compact.


Supported you.
Wait it

+1. I’d love have /e/ for Xperia X Compact.

The Z5 Compact (suzuran) doesn’t seem to have official LineageOS support either, but it’s supported by /e/. How did that work?

Because I owned one of these devices, and made an unofficial build of /e/OS for it using the unofficial LineageOS builds made by Berni-0815 in XDA Forums. After I and a few others had used my builds for a while with few problems, it became officially supported by /e/ and I spent some time as the official ROM maintainer (community, not /e/ staff). I am no longer the maintainer, but /e/ continue to make builds, since there are rarely any device-specific problems. If any device-specific problems do occur, I and others try to help out with investigations and fixes.

There are other community-maintained devices, based on unofficial LineageOS ROMs, rather than official ones. These are usually available because of the efforts of community members who own the device, and have the time and expertise necessary to build and support /e/OS builds.

Edit: There is an unofficial LineageOS ROM for the Xperia X Compact, and all the necessary device, kernel and vendor trees are available, so it should be very straightforward to build an /e/OS ROM. That would need someone with the time, expertise, and interest to make the build. Sorry, but I’m not going to volunteer - I don’t build /e/OS anymore, I focus on unofficial and custom builds of LineageOS for microG.


Thank you so much for explaining @petefoth - and for bringing us the Z5C suzuran /e/-ROM!