Sony Xperia XZ F8331-kagura

  • All supported Android versions: Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo
  • on what other ROM is it currently running : stock Oreo
  • is it maintained?
    not maintained
  • is the current ROM official or unofficial:

Sony stopped maintaining their Xperia XZ software in 2018. My cell provider tells me that their network will support VoLTE next year and not LTE or 4G so with my current software my phone will not work for phone calls. Sony has made it possible to unlock the bootloader on this phone to put a new ROM on the phone and I’ve unlocked the bootloader. People have gotten VoLTE to work on this phone using other ROMs.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I am interested about having /e/ on my Xperia XZ device.
I would be please to get help about this.
I am searching for information about flash my device and if I found it I also can make a howto for here.
But for now lots of informations are missinf to me.

Would be glad to help test, great /e/ phone candidate.

pros: cheap phone, decent specs, good build, sony github has all code for f8331
cons: old, overheats (NEEDS kernel mitigations baked into ROM), sony LDAC only works on stock, weak microphone

Unofficial builds of LOS 16/18.1 for f8331 work to an extent. 16 ran microg for an extended period with no issues, 18 “worked.” If LOS+microg are compatible then /e/ should easily be able to run.

18.1 unofficial rom bootloops if your phone hears you mention magisk and it lost NFC capabilities from 16. Neither got double tap wake to work when that feature worked fine on stock (kernel?). Both Lineage versions do run smoothly when theyre clean installs, but /e/ would definitely be a vast improvement and the bugs are probably basic crashes that can be found on places like stackexchange. The developer probably just didnt collect enough/any logs.

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Thanks for your precisions :blush: . And sorry, I missed your reply :upside_down_face:
Ok I’ll probably should start with LOS 18 !
I am open to be beta tester for /e/ on Xperia XZ or helping by another way :grinning: