Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Hi there,
first post… just made a test install of /e/OS (Q) on a pretty old Samsung S5 which went smoothly, and as i like the concept (de-googling) and the GUI looks good…

I still have a 5 year old Sony Xperia XZ Premium, as my main phone. Last updates to Android 9 more than 2 years ago, but still running pretty well. So i checked if there might be a chance to put a newer android version on that phone. I found these 2 topics in the xda forum:

android 11: [ROM] AOSP 11.0 - SODP [11.0.0_r38] | XDA Forums
android 12: [ROM] AOSP 12 - SODP [12.0.0_r13] | XDA Forums

But if i unterstood it correctly, this is AOSP with sony xperia software binaries, so not sure if this is adoptable to/for /e/OS at all. So just asking if there might be a chance… :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an unofficial LineageOS ROM, and sources are available, so it should be pretty straightforward to build an /e/OS ROM for this device.

just wanted to mention: there’s an (unofficial) lineageos 19.1 build available - somehow i’m unable to post a link to xda developers forum, as the forum thinks this might be spam. strange…

edit try:

this version is done by those magnificent people that have been providing lineageos for XZ Premium (and XZ1) for a couple of years now. they somehow have some special settings… :thinking: still not sure if this is adoptable :slightly_smiling_face: