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Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using

  1. Manually reboot into recovery mode
    With the device powered off

To shutdown, long press power off and Volume Up, phone vibrate 1 then 3 times.

Installing /e/ from recovery

  1. In TWRP return to main menu, then tap Wipe

But in the first part, we install /e/ Recovery, not TWRP.

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is there any updated guide that I can use? I am having problems finishing my installation

I run: adb sideload ../
Then I assume it is finished when it get to step 2/2 and I can navigate the menu again.

When I restart, I get to the screen telling me that it has problem loading the system

I just bought a Xperia XZ2 (H8216) and opened the “install /e/OS” guide.
It says my phone must be on Android 10 before installing /e/OS. But my phone is on Android 9, and when I refresh the system updates menu, it says my phone is up-to-date.
So my question is: is it really necessary to have Android 10 before installing /e/OS?

Thanks in advance!