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Just installed e-0.19-r following the installation instructions. One small addition at the end of the section "Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using fastboot " would be useful. Something like:

  1. With the device powered off boot the recovery(you can unplug from pc to do this) - hold Volume Down + Power
  2. Plug back in to pc before continuing to next step.

As per Lineage instructions. The omission can cause confusion.

On the Website /e/ image ROM download the link to the md5-Sum is broken. Please update the link to the correct md5-sum or remove the md5-sum Link.

Thanks for pointing this out @Markus …a few of the MD5 links are broken. Waiting for the team to return from their vacation to fix the download location.

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This fix seems to be taking time. Have created an issue for it here