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Just installed e-0.19-r following the installation instructions. One small addition at the end of the section "Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using fastboot " would be useful. Something like:

  1. With the device powered off boot the recovery(you can unplug from pc to do this) - hold Volume Down + Power
  2. Plug back in to pc before continuing to next step.

As per Lineage instructions. The omission can cause confusion.

On the Website /e/ image ROM download the link to the md5-Sum is broken. Please update the link to the correct md5-sum or remove the md5-sum Link.

Thanks for pointing this out @Markus …a few of the MD5 links are broken. Waiting for the team to return from their vacation to fix the download location.

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This fix seems to be taking time. Have created an issue for it here


Yesterday I’ve successfully flashed /e/ OS on a Xperia XZ2 Compact.

But it took me some time to manage to unlock its bootloader, because it seems to me that the doc should be more clear about that.

First, the current page from /e/ ( tells to run the following command:

fastboot oem unlock <your_unlock_code>

while the documentation from Sony tells to run:

fastboot oem unlock 0x<insert your unlock code>

So it’s not clear if there must be the 0x prefix or not (and I don’t know which one worked for me).

Moreover, after running this command, there is no feedback: nothing appears on the computer command-line, and nothing appears on the phone either.
I think it should be added in the documentation that, after the command-line has returned (without any error), the phone has to be rebooted manually (long press on the power button). That’s the step I have been missing: I thought I did not manage to unlock, while I just needed to reboot

In my experience with earlier Sony devices (Z3, Z3 Compact, Z5 Compact, XZ1 Compact), the 0x prefix is needed when unlocking Sony devices.

Thanks for your feeback.
From what I saw in Sony web page, the command line is the same for any device.
In this case, the /e/ documentation should be modified accordingly

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This weekend at a flash-party, we managed to flash another Xperia XZ2 compact.

It seems to me that we did need the “0x” prefix in front of the unlock code.

In all cases, the link for Sony unlock procedure is broken. Instead of (which does not exist any more), I suppose it should be (at least it’s the one we successfully used)

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