Sony Xperia XZ2 premium - any user?


I’d like some feedback from a Sony Xperia XZ2 premium user (if it exists): how is /e/ OS working for you?
I intend to use it as my daily driver soon, but would like some reassurance first.
I’m interested if both back camras work (are selectable) and if the phone runs always on 4K resolution.

Thanks in advance!

Manoj is there a counter for the downloads of ROMs? I would like to know how many times the last ROM for XZ2 premium was downloaded or updated…

Well I bought another XZ2 premium and decided to take the plunge (to /e OS 1.17T)
I was not sure if the monochrome camera would be available… it is not.
However the big disappointment is that the 4K screen can only run in Full HD mode. On stock it runs in full HD most of the time and changes to 4K only on specific scenarios. In /e/ OS it’s not even reported that it can function in 4K (in devcheck screen is reported as 1920x1080 vs 3840x2160 on stock). I was expecting the opposite: the screen would always run in native resolution. I would have actually preferred that (even with the hit in battery life).
Other than that it runs fine; I had some emotions with the SIM not functioning but inserting it while phone was on sorted that out.
While I had many phones XZ2 premium is by far my most loved one. Had it had a 3.5 jack it would be perfect.
I think I saw somewhere that you could change the resolution though I’m not yet ready to risk that.

I’ve managed to do it (change to 4K resolution) following info from a youtube video (for Sony XZ premium).
Below how to do it (under Windows).


I’m so happy. I thought these older commands won’t work on Android T.

Now I only have to activate the second camera and I’m good…

Below is the link for original video (which is for Sony Xperia XZ premium and not XZ2 premium):

Apparently I’m the only “vocal” user of an Sony Xperia XZ2 premium. I have a problem on /e/ OS which is a bit strange… If during call I activate the speaker mode the phone gets muted and the other person doesn’t hear anything.