Sony Xperia Z2 (Sirius) - bulletproof phone

Dear e-device supporters, Dear community,

I still love this phone, even if or because I have it now for more than 5 and a half years.
The hardware is still OK for daily usage. I think with some newer version of e-android than the current 6.0.1 the phone would make it for at least two more years.

Some general info:

Beside Wifi, Bluetooth and LTE I would at least need a working camera, location and the built in FM-radio would make my life complete =) (use it every day).

With some (bricking-proof) guidance I can test possible builds on my phone.

Thanks in advance,

@manoj does adding this extra tag mean something specific or should I have done it already?

All device requests are tagged as device-suggestion. Tags are just (with categories) another way to find topics.
And yes you could have done it, but you couldn’t know so don’t worry about that :slight_smile:

Hi @howil as @Anonyme mentioned tags just help us organize the posts better. Also makes it easier to figure out how many users are requesting for a new device or upgrade their device. If you missed out adding it while posting one of the moderators would add it so no issues.