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I bought a nearly unused Sony Xperia tablet Z2 LTE (castor) and found it very hard to flash, because the install instructions are quite outdated - @Manoj - here a proposal:

  1. NOTE: not all Z2 tablets can be flashed with /e/ - only if Service Menu says Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes - here a link to the section “Unlocking the bootloader” (I had just a quick look to the install instructions, before I bought it - and thanks god, it was flashable …)

  2. Flashtool + XPeriFirm are not any more bundled - this are now 2 different softwares


to find out, which version of “castor” you should download - you will find again in Service Info

Go to service info > Software info and the section “Costumization Version” gives you the number you have to search for - ok download your firmware.

  1. Flashtool fails to install the needed drivers - you have to disable-driver-signature-enforcement

  1. now you have to bundle Flashtool with firmware you downloaded with XperiFirm:
  1. to enter the unlockcode is:

fastboot oem unlock 0x"insert your unlock code"

  1. recovery installation section:

point 6) Now reboot into recovery to verify the installation. Do not reboot into the existing OS, since it will overwrite the recovery you just installed!

with this info, its quite straight forward to flash the Z2 tablet - I needed about one week to find out all the details - and I think, it is the same for castor_windy…

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You’re fully right, It’s not an easy game with castor_windy.
I’m fighting since a couple of days and not sure to succeed.
The bootloader is unlock, the recovery is flashed (I have an acknowledge from fastboot) but I’m stuck on an impossible recovery booting. Each time I try to reboot on recovery, after fastboot recovery flashing, the device boot on the stock rom. :woozy_face:

what do you do when you finished flashing the recovery?

I dont remember, what I did - definitely something like this

fastboot reboot recovery
adb reboot recovery
Step 1: adb shell
Step 2: reboot -p
it should power off and then
With the device powered off, hold Volume Down + Power. Keep holding both buttons until the device vibrates, then release.