Sony Xperia Z5 compact (suzuran)

Xperia Z5 compact would be great indeed !

I would also like an official /e/-build on the Z5 Compact.
Thank you, Unknown, for your unofficial build! I’ll test it in the next days.

Why isn´t there an answer from the maintainers until now?
This device was mentioned in some official mail so there should be some feedback I think.

I just would like to know if there is beeing worked on a version for this device or not.
And I don´t want to try some official version from an unknown person.

I could help as a tester but sadly nothing more as I am no programer.

Greetings =)

Hi @CaseSensitive only those devices which have a large number of users requests get on the officially supported list. You can also build the ROM yourself by following the guidelines available here , here or here or request other users to build an unofficial ROM for your device.

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Thanks @Manoj for your reply!
I am not really into Linux and even lesser into building stuff on my own. I guess it is not just as easy as 1,2,3 following your linked guidelines and I am done and happy with a fully working ROM?!

Some unknown user has made an official build as posted above but it could be full of security relevant/malicous code, right? So that´s not really an option or do I missunderstand?

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Its same as official, but no ota updates availiable, all i do put your device codename in almost fully automatic /e/ docker script, even if i wanna add relevant/malicous code i dont know how cuase im new to this building rom things, here is my topic [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] I can build unofficial /e/ rom for your LineageOs supported device - #20 by p519gal also you can check my profile, if you not still trust my build try to build your own Sony Xperia Z5 compact (suzuran) - #8 by Unknown


Is anybody getting this to work?
I am stuck at /e/OS boot logo. No matter if I sideload the zip or flash via TWRP (should be the same, right?)

Well, thank you for trying. I haven’t had the time so far, but I’ve been planning to. Might do it sometime this week. A bit scared from your experience now tho.

Guess there is some strange error with (only my?) Z5 Compact and TWRP. Had really a hard time to struggle to restore my LOS backup. adb push, shell failed, processes ended, device just rebootet randomly when doing some work in TWRP and so so on. But that’s all OT.

After letting my phone “boot” for the whole night after freshly flashing that unofficial /e/OS I just did one more restart (as the battery was empty, too) and then it started quite fast into the OS. Did some quick tests and everything seemed to work fine.

So far that build will work as expected I guess. I will not use it atm as I 1. want to build my own and 2. am glad for now having my phone back running and 3. it will be some work for me, to set up the apps I want to use like Sony camera and keyboard apps and more.

But I guess I will see if I can do some work on translating stuff to German for this project.

Yes, I fetched the unofficial /e/ build of “unknown” from Jun 13.

Everything seems to work fine.
As known camera without sony app is bad and WLAN breaks sometimes.

I did the whole flashing with TWRP.
Important is the complete advanced wipe of Dalvic cache, cache, system and data.
Before flashing I transfered the ZIP on the SD card.
For flashing I did not use the PC.

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@Manoj there are active users feedback for this device too.

How do people usually handle this one? Can the Sony App be installed on /e/?

As I remember, I initially installed once a mod of LineageOS and then installed the Sony apps which I needed. It´s quite some time ago so I can´t remember, which way I went because there are different ones afaik - one is some kind of “sony apps enabler” which allows do download Sony apps via PlayStore and other way is to directly flash modded(?) versions of Sony apps.
Better inform yourself at the XDA forums. I have to do that again, too maybe. If - I will post here how I did it.

Camera is madantory for me. Keyboard also, and launcher is better, too.

new suzuran build Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones

Hi everybody,

I am also à Sony xperai z5 compact user and would really like to use /e/ on it.
Did anybody try the last unofficial build?
Is everything working fine now?
See you.

I really wanna know that too.

@Manoj I understand that /e/ can not support all phones officially atm but I think this device could a really good one to support. The reason is easy:

  • There is currently no officially rom with monthly security updates for this device

This device is quite nice, it has enough power to survive a say and is small. My wife love this.
I would love to see an official version of /e/ for this nice sony device.

Hope to see something here in near future. Unless then sadly I need to install and lineage 14.1 rom onto this phone. This one. Sadly with no privacy because mycroG is not running stable on it :confused:

Thx for all your work. /e/ is a wonderful project!

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I would also like to see an official build!
Or can someone verify that the unofficial build works reliably? I would like to try it, but I am afraid that it does not work and I have to spend half a day to recover …

Joining the request for an official build for Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.
I’ve tried on a supported phone (Moto E) and I would love to have /e/ on my ‘daily driver’
Thanks for all you efforts