Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Hi, I am a newbie.
I used LineageOs before.
I fetched the unofficial /e/ build of “unknown” from Jun 13.
Everything seemed to work fine except location.
Only Google services appear.
MircoG settings crash.
Does anybody know whether this is fixed now?
@Unknown: Would you please build one again from a new nightly build?
I would do it myself but I don’t have enough hard disk space.

Update: I fixed it myself. I reinstalled completely and I wiped completely with “advanced wipe”. After all location is fine, no more google services on the mobile. The /e/ appstore is getting better and better. As commented by others the camera is bad and WLAN breaks sometimes.
Thanks to the /e/ team and thanks to unknown.

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Hi @ulionetouch I am gonna update this build for you after July 10, because of this

You can find my updated build here Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones

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Hi @Unknown,
a big thank you!
As I have it in everyday use I did not want to loose data (downloads of local maps) and configuration.
Therefore I flashed it yesterday without wiping.
Everything looks fine.
I will continue testing.


Hi @Unknown,
I tested your build for my z5c (suzuran) now for two month and it is great.
I tested a lot of functions except phoning.
What do you think, is the progress of /e/ since July big enough to test a new version of it?
If so, would you build me an new one?
That would be really kind.
Thank you in advance.

I have /e/ now on my suzuran (sony z5c) in a two month test.
I tested a lot of things except phoning.
Navigating with integrated Magic Earth works stable and fine.
Navigating with Osmand works fine.
Internet portals for service providers work.
I had hardly any crash.
As I don’t like Bliss I replaced it by Lawnchair.
Camera is OK. WLAN works OK.
I seems that Sony and /e/ work fine together.
I will continue testing.

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