Sony XZ2 Compact dual sim (8324)

Did you flash it with /e/Os?

yes it is, i think it is just the low memory Gb (1,5 i believe)

This device is now officially supported, both single SIM and dual SIM models (and also XZ2 models): (edit: link fixed)

Is there a chance for an official support from /e/ ?


I’m not sure to understand what are @Manoj post’s implications : would it be possible to “automatically” build for any LineageOS 17.1-supported devices ?
Or should someone with a XZ2Compact device build it ?

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This is hte right link to the XZ2 Compact :


I think the GSI builds should work for this phone, see here, but you can also expect there to be a specific build for this phone if it is LineageOS officially supported (which it now is) and there is demand for it on the forum, which there is at least in me and you;)

What’s a GSI build ?

That’s great :smiley:

As long as it doesn’t imply wiping my current system and flashing something else (it’s my daily driver and only phone), I’d happy to beta test it if needed :slight_smile:

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a gsi is 1 generic build, that can be used on many phones. New developments around android (project Treble) have made this possible. YOu can search this forum for GSI, and will find useful explanations


One of the biggest advantages of this phone is its small size. Nonetheless it performs quite well. I hope that this phone will get official e-support after Q is adopted.


There is still a chance to get it as there is an official LOS Rom:


Would be great to get un-googeld on my XZ2 Compact !


Yes I join this device request as well!

There is an official Lineage OS 17.1 build for this phone, so I should be able to make an unofficial \e\ build. It’ll probably take a couple of days :slight_smile:

If you can’t wait, try the LineageOS for microG build


Building is straightforward - the installation is a bit tricky: Successful installation of /e/ Android Q on Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (xz2c)

@Markus @petefoth
Good to see people motivated to build an /e/Os ROM for Xz2c ! However, would you collaborate together or one of you to become a Maintainer for this device?

That would be awesome xz2c users could use /e/ infrastructure to get your contribution and new updates

What do you think?

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One requirement for device maintainers is “If any device specific issues come up during the testing the device maintainer is expected to resolve those issues before sharing the final working build with the users”. I am unable to fulfill this requirement, so I can not become a maintainer.

However have a look at this: According to [Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : The plan
the team intends to add xz2c to their list of supported devices (no time estimates given).


I would, but I am not able to fulfill this requirement either, because I don’t own this device.

I do own - and regularly build for - Z3 Compact z3c (which is in the plan to become an offiicially supported device), Z5 Compact suzuran and XZ1 Compact lilac, (neither of which are in the plan). Will look into what it takes to become a maintainer for one or all of those devices.

Can you give any idea of how much commitment this would involve? I assume that a maintainer would only build official ROMs when a new release is made (i.e. When there is a new tag in Is that correct?

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@manoj @rhunault maybe can answer to these questions

The point we were trying to convey is that the official /e/ ROM maintainer needs to be able to fix any issue that comes up in the OS while building or testing. This is separate from the bugs in the software.
Issues for example like specific hardware not working on the build …sensors or the camera for e.g.
LOS ROM Maintainers do a basic level of development and testing of the builds before releasing it to all. Similarly any user who does it for /e/ should also be able to do that much. That is what will be different from a normal user making unofficial builds and a ROM maintainer.

Thanks @Manoj I understand that. My main query was about how often an Official build would be produced. Is it usually only when the dev team make a new release, with a higher version number? (As happened 1 month ago for the v0.13-q tag.)