Sony XZ2 Compact dual sim (8324)

Hello !
This model support Android 10 Q. It is a small phone very powerful with good camera.


It would be great if we could get support for this device. Hopefully we can hear something soon.


I would love to install /e/ on xz2 compact…


What is the screen size? I support /e/ on any small phone :slight_smile:


the screen size is 5’’

Now supports Android Q ! post updated

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perhaps let the developers know via @Manoj so they can consider it for their list. I agree, it would be very good to have an extra high-end small phone on the list, and this Sony is a v good one.


This device isn’t officially supported by LineageOS.

But if there is an unofficial LineageOS working somewhere (with sources), an unofficial build should come in less than 3 months.

Absolutely concur. It’s a great compact smartphone with very competent specs. Would be wonderful to have it degoogled. If model H8314 could also be considered!?

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@Julien could you give the link for the unofficial LOS build? I need a dual dim phone!

I didn’t test any unofficial LOS rom for this phone so I still use the official Rom

Good news, it will be probably supported by /e/ :
Device Roadmap : Pie , Q and Beyond - Part III
Do not hesitate to show your interest for this.


great! now i will definitely buy this as my next phone, my Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) is getting a bit slow + i need a dual-sim.

Did you flash it with /e/Os?

yes it is, i think it is just the low memory Gb (1,5 i believe)

This device is now officially supported, both single SIM and dual SIM models (and also XZ2 models): (edit: link fixed)

Is there a chance for an official support from /e/ ?


I’m not sure to understand what are @Manoj post’s implications : would it be possible to “automatically” build for any LineageOS 17.1-supported devices ?
Or should someone with a XZ2Compact device build it ?

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This is hte right link to the XZ2 Compact :


I think the GSI builds should work for this phone, see here, but you can also expect there to be a specific build for this phone if it is LineageOS officially supported (which it now is) and there is demand for it on the forum, which there is at least in me and you;)

What’s a GSI build ?

That’s great :smiley:

As long as it doesn’t imply wiping my current system and flashing something else (it’s my daily driver and only phone), I’d happy to beta test it if needed :slight_smile:

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