Sony XZ2 Compact dual sim (8324)

Hello !
This model support Android 10 Q. It is a small phone very powerful with good camera.


It would be great if we could get support for this device. Hopefully we can hear something soon.

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I would love to install /e/ on xz2 compact…

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What is the screen size? I support /e/ on any small phone :slight_smile:

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the screen size is 5’’

Now supports Android Q ! post updated

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perhaps let the developers know via @Manoj so they can consider it for their list. I agree, it would be very good to have an extra high-end small phone on the list, and this Sony is a v good one.

This device isn’t officially supported by LineageOS.

But if there is an unofficial LineageOS working somewhere (with sources), an unofficial build should come in less than 3 months.