Sound when unlocking a Fairphone 3+


I have a question about a sound when unlocking a Fairphone 3+ .
At the end of last week, the phone makes a noise when you unlock it.
It does not matter whether you open the phone with a pattern, code or without security.
In the settings, the unlock sound is off, when I turn it on I get 2 sounds.

The phone has the latest update, 0.17 stable.

Is there anyone familiar with this problem and does anyone know how I can solve it.
Or should I reinstall the phone?

Greetings Gerbert.

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Maybe the sound is not sent by the Android system, but by an app you installed/updated last week ?
Did you create a work profile ?

Same Problem here
This unlocking sound is really annoying and just let’s turnoff if notification sound is zero.
This sound is not in system library

Really annoying

Found it
Its NFC ;-))