Soundcloud does not start

Anyone else experience this?

Well, will G°°services be explicitly required for this app?

But without knowing which configuration your unknown device is working with, an error analysis is hardly possible.

Are you trying to install this app from /e/-store or any third-party store like Aurora/Yalp?
Also, some information about your device/OS would be helpful as archie already mentioned

Yes I got that error with NordVPN after restoring the APK+data with oandbackup.
Installing the APK with the Apps Store solved the issue.

I installed this app from /e/ store.
App version 2019.09.03-release (1430) updated on 2019-09-17
Fairphone 2
/e/ OS version 0.7-2019110930132
@Anonyme I haven’t understood a word of what you write.