Source code and bugtrack for website?

Sorry to open a new topic for that question, and to open it there, I wasn’t able to find a suitable category for it.

I’m looking for the source code of the website or at least a bugtracker to open issues. I saw several problem on it, for example, on the home page, the “Donate” button just before the footer links to an empty page:

The URL is ending with donate-2. This is a bug I could easily fix so source code is welcome :smiley:

Edit: it looks like this has been patched now. I took too long to write the message

Also, the FAQ (at least the french translation) looks pretty outdated. I would love to contribute there too.

/e/ Foundation website it’s WordPress code

Hi @fla you can raise issues for /e/ website here

Thank you, so the documentation tracker is the one for the website? Where is the source, or at least the content? How are translations managed?

We have a team that manages the website and have exclusive access to the source. The documentation project is more for the wiki but you can raise issues here and we will assign it to the website team to resolve.
For the translations part we have an excellent 30+ member team of volunteers who help.

I recently wondered why the main website is doing canvas fingerprinting and the devices site even webgl fingerprinting (non-tech users usually don’t know about these issues and don’t use extensions against these techniques).

Pl can you share details of how you tested it and where and which specific pages you tested and raise a bug here

There are the extensions

  • Canvas Blocker (Fingerprint protect) 0.1.1
  • WebGL Fingerprint Defender 0.1.2
    Messages (fingerprint attempt blocked) are shown e.g. on the main site and the devices site as well.

As mentioned pl raise a bug here with this detail and we can ask the web site team to check and remove them.