Source code for refurbished devices (esp. S9+)


What are the gitlab.e.fondation projets repository corresponding to the OS installed on the refurbished phones ? (I’m especially interested in the S9+ repository).
I have been searching in devices/samsung but I could not decide which sub-project is (are) relevant…


The source code repository is the same. Only difference is that the level of testing is more on the release builds. One level more than the dev builds.

Thanks @Manoj
In fact I’m not fluent enough in Linegeos /e build process to identify what project relates to what device. I’m under the impression that the device name appears in the subproject name, but I couldn’t find anything directly related to S9(+).

So to rephrase my question, what is (are) gitlab’s subproject(s) codename(s) for the Samsung S9+ device ?

Thanks in advance

For /e/ supported devices you can check here the device codenames are all there. Gitlab will not show you the device code names. The code name is used only during the build process where we pass it as a parameter.

Thanks again for the pointers. This is starting to make sense for me :slight_smile: