Source code of Contacts app

Can anybody point me to the source code of the contacts app?

The closest thing I was able to find was But this is just a library.

The search field of gitlab did not provide any results within the source code when searching for “contacts”.

The contacts app is also not included within and does not appear in the build command custom packages that only include “MuPDF Notes Tasks GmsCore GsfProxy FakeStore Telegram Signal AnySoftKeyboard Mail BlissLauncher BlissIconPack MozillaNlpBackend OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider AccountManager MagicEarth OpenCamera eDrive Weather NominatimNlpBackend Light”.
So I assume that it is hidden somewhere within the android-OS source code.

@rhunault please can you help with the details

Hi @Markus,
For the moment, we didn’t forked Contacts app. So its source code is from LineageOS. Please find it here: