Source of apps (and their versions) unclear

What I don’t like about /e/ at all is that it tried to obfuscate the source/origin of the apps. Some apps seem to come from F-Droid, but can I see somewhere for which that is actually true? (Would be nice to mark them somehow, since I think F-Droid is a source for which I have a high level of trust.) Other apps clearly come from somewhere else, since I know that F-Droid would not allow them. Is there a way to see their origin?

And related, why are some apps much older than their F-Droid version? On another (non-/e/) device I have Fennec 97.1.1 installed (2 weeks old) while the /e/-Apps app offers me only v91.2.0 (from 2021-09-01, so probably a security risk).

Some answers here : Where do Apps Come From?