Sources for R FP3?

Im still on Android 9 (Pie) custom build, but i’ve noticed there are no security patches anymore. I can find sources for Android Q but not for Android R…, when do they become available @Manoj ?

Let me check and get back

To create unofficial builds, the /e/OS sources for FP3 are available here

For the vendor firmware, please use Fairphone stock ROM using the process as described here
…the process of extracting the blobs should be the same for most devices

Alternately, you can check TheMuppets site for the blobs

Ok i’ve made a successfull build just using DEVICE_LIST=FP3 There’s still some Google stuff in it:
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-18 om 21.19.46
I got rid of it in Pie, so my mission is to find it somewhere in the big pile of files :wink:

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