Spell Check not Available?

I’m using /e/ version 10 QQ3A, latest update from July 2022

Today I wanted to enable spell check, but it seems not to work.
Here is what I tried (translated to english).
System Settings > System > Language and Input > Spell Check
Here I can enable spell check, but there’s a note that no language have been selected, but I can not select the languages menu.
So it seems that something is broken, or I need to select/download a language first.
Could you give me a hint how I can enable spell checking on my device?

Last year I had used LineageOS on this device, and there spell check was running fine.

can you provide a screenshot of current settings?

spellchecker should be present and choose current system language in the defaults.

version 10 QQ3A? … can you write down Settings → About phone → Android 10 → the long string, as in


this is an older issue when someone had multiple languages enabled, Though spellcheck did work, it jumped back to system language at times - Spell Check broken in eOS 0.21?



Version: 1.3-q-20220905216076-stable-starlte
I have no spell check at all.

Ahhh, now it’s working :slight_smile:
As system language I had only “Deutsch (Deutschland)”, so I added “English (Germany)” as second language. Then it was possible to pick a language at spell check.
After all I removed the second language, but now the spell check is still there.

Thanks a lot for this hint.