Spell check suggestions don't work


I’ve noticed that the spelling suggestions don’t seem to work right. I’m wondering if it’s me or a setting or a known issue.

When typing I get suggestions, when I tap a suggestion, it almost always applies some other word.

I’ve had this for a while (no time and the issue is hard to find/describe on search engines). I use my phone in French most of the time, so I’m not sure if the same issue happens in English (though I think so).

For example, I just typed “J’esp” and among the suggestions was “J’espère” (I hope), which is perfect, but when I choose that, “J’esp” gets replaced by “Inespéré” (hopeless). Which is kind of funny.

Is this a known issue, a setting or should I just deactivate suggestions ?


Hi Manu,

I don’t know much about keyboards and settings but I’ve never noticed the problem you are having. I set AOSP keyboard to French and tried your word and it worked correctly.

Maybe try clearing storage in AOSP keyboard App settings: Settings-Apps & Notifications-See all apps-etc

You could also try another keyboard such as Open Board from F-droid and see if it changes anything.

Kind of related, I noticed there is a separate system app called User Dictionary. I have added some of my own words to Dictionary via the keyboard. Wiping cache and storage in keyboard app and cache in User Dictionary did not remove my words. So I don’t really know what’s going on there.

Very good point; User dictionary is a different app, com.android.providers.userdictionary.

I had wondered, is the error the use of a “second” or alternative “suggestion”?

I changed language to french and used the text message input field, for “j’esp” the default keyboard app will suggest “j’espère” and will also set it if chosen.

Would you be willing to post a screenshot of the context, where you’re using text input, is it a browser input field?

not sure if /e/ version plays a role, which one do you use?

Hello, and thanks for your replies.

Just to be sure, I haven’t installed any other dictionaries or keyboards, everything is stock /e/ (bought from /e/ too). I just checked, Languages & Input → Input assistance → Spell Checker is AOSP.

I can’t reproduce the issue, the word “J’espère” comes out fine. I just tested the suggestions and had almost no issues. On some (very few) random words the issue reappeared, but then again, I couldn’t reproduce it.

If I’m really the only one having this issue, then… well, perhaps it’s the way I tap the screen ? Maybe I’m doing something that makes it retrieve a different suggestion (from the long-tap list). (I have no visual clues, the long list does not show up in such cases)

If nobody has this issue, then it’s quite possibly a case of PEBKAC. I’ll have to investigate further or disable this function (and learn to type better).

Thanks for the input (no pun intended).
: ]


Ha ha! I had to look that up! Which led to a few giggles. :grinning:

I have to admit not always knowing if I am using Autocorrection - Wikipedia, Predictive text - Wikipedia or Spell checker - Wikipedia :blush:

In my case (AOSP keyboard, Italian and English) I noted an irritating behaviour.

When I mistype something in Italian, the space bar switch inadvertently to English and all the suggestion are obviously wrong.

When I intentionally mistype to force the change to English, it refuse to switch !!

I had this issue too, it turned out to be an issue with me hitting the globe button near the space bar when my intention was to hit the space bar. So in my head, “I did nothing wrong”, but in reality, I was as guilty as rain is wet.

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After a few months of using the suggestions, I can say that the issue does still occur from time to time. I can’t reproduce it, so I can’t really say. All I know is sometimes I think a suggested word works for me, I chose it, and something else is printed, most of the time, it works correctly though.

I don’t think it’s a bug with me pressing too long and getting the longer list of suggestions or something like that, but it is possibly some other weird thing happening that would possibly be totally logical.