Spontaneous reboots with v0.22 (10T Pro)

Hello community,

is anybody else facing this kind of phenomenon with eOS 0.22(-20220224165877) on this or a similar device? Reboots occur spontaneous while f.e. working in calendar or browse settings or even without any interaction while the device is lying on the desk; it happened a few times since update (nearly two weeks ago).

After every reboot there appears a message box: “CNE App was terminated unexpectedly”. I tested this with regular reboots and the CNE App termination seems to occur on every reboot.

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Is CNE app important to you? If yes, sometimes a first step is to clear the App cache, if no improvement, you can consider clear App data.

Had to search for it and the CNE App seems to be from Qualcomm: Connectivity Engine (CnE). I don´t think it is very important for me. It is unclear to me if this is related to the spontaneous reboots or not.