Spot CSS design

Hello !

I would like to share a little CSS coding I thought could improve the (already cool) Spot look & feel.



Hi @Gregoire you can share the code here and I will label it as improvement for Spot.
I think this is a great initiative.
Users should share in building /e/ . It should not be restricted to a team of /e/ developers.
Any person from the user community who feels like contributing should be able to help make /e/ better.
Be it in design, wallpapers , ringtones , documentation and yes also code.
The only criteria for check should be it has to be an original contribution.


Hi @Manoj , I just added the issue, thank you! :slight_smile:

An apprentice, yes.
I recommend you to follow the first course of (Responsive Web Design). That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

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As a first step I will see if we can create a shared location where user contributions can be added. Others users can pick up the wallpapers from there.

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I think it’s up to the devs to manage the sizing of everything in order to plug it the best way in the existing code :wink:

haha that’s very cool

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Hey guys,

updates from this idea.
I’m speaking with Arnau on the Gitlab. After fixing a small glitch, I just posted the results of my today’s work.

Here is the codepen of my proposition to update Spot’s homepage UI.

including the animated searchbar that you already know, and a brand new animated menu on top-right.

I also worked a little bit to make everything responsive but some little things might glith a little bit, so any feedback is welcome.

cool! thanks for doing this!