The /e/ search engine,, takes more time than expected to load searches.

I think it could have to see with the language of the search, but I’m not sure.

Also it’s not because the internet connection, because other websites load speeder.

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I made a few searches in a few languages and even if sometimes it wasn’t impressive, it wasn’t particularely slow. I guess it depends on the search.

About 4-5 seconds to show search “word” for the first time.
About 2-3 seconds to show search “palabra”
2 seconds for “hitza”

It’s not for sure a huge problem :slightly_smiling_face:, but I wanted to share my experience, which I think it could be relevant to other people (coming from g00g1e for example)

“Word” took 1 second (maybe because your searched it before), so I tried new words. “Umbrella”, “Peach” and “Lenteur” took 3-4 seconds, indeed. “Guerre” and “Arbitre” took 5 seconds.

So yes, not that bad but definitely could be better.

Yes, seems that it’s about the first search (or an “without cache search”)

I now tried “gng forms” and took 6-7 seconds