Spot result and speed problems

I like the idea of spot and set it as my default search engine in the browser.
But i’ve some problems with it:

  • With default settings I don’t get results when the engine “startpage” is not replying but an error message about startpage is not replaying. And this happens a lot.
  • When i change the engines settings and disable “startpage” then “duckduckgo” is still enabled. But with only “duckduckgo” spot will deliver no results but also not error message.
  • In general spot seems to be very slow.

I’ve setup a plain searx with tor-proxy in my intranet and this is working very fast and reliable, also when only duckduckgo is enabled. Nevertheless i would prefer to use a fast and reliable “spot” instead of maintaining a self-hosted solution.


I agree, I have tried using spot for a month now. But it is just too slow. It takes over half a minute to load search results and if I am researching something (multiple sources) it gives me a “rate limit exceeded”.

I now switched to this searx instance from their public instance overview: , which is a lot faster. Major downside is that I know nothing about the host.

Would expect a project like /e/ to be looking into faster (or at least decent) servers or hosting. Hope this gets resolved soon.


I’ve retried these days but its still not working good.
Any plans here?
Should i create a ticket anywhere?

Hi pl raise an issue in gitlab if not already done, providing all the details .

Ok, i’ve created two tickets:

I have a different problem related to Spot.

Why if my search language is Catalan [ca], it shows me first results in Spanish? Does it happen in other languages? Is there any issue with the code?