Spot/SearX always returns images of the Simpsons!

Hi all,

I try to use /e/ Spot search as my main search engine and most of the time it works well enough that I don’t need to resort to others. However, one area where I always have a problem is images - it always returns images of The Simpsons and almost nothing else! Certainly rarely anything useful.

Try it t yourself and see.

I can’t find an issue for this in GitLab so I should probably add it. UPDATE:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks looks like my /e/ spot doesn’t like The Simpsons…

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Hi @Anonyme thanks for checking, yes it doesn’t happen on every search, but I get the feeling that whenever I actually want to search for an image all I can see are the Simpson, e.g.:

I have enabled all search engines within SearX, so I should be getting a good variety of results so something weird must happen within the prioritisation algorithm which SearX uses.
Cheers :slight_smile: