Spotify Jam sessions cannot be opened

Hello everyone

I have noticed, that the spotify jam session button does not work. I tap on it and nothing happens. I also cannot join any existing jams via a link or QR-Code. I konw the jam-session feature is buggy but I want to know, if you guys have similar experiences? Any fixes?
I have disabled the spotify tracker and give it more premissions but with no luck.

Also kind of unrelated but is it possible to open apps on the computer on a samung phone (stock-os) if I know the pin and dont have a screen? I have broken the screen by trying to repair it. I only need to see a telegram chat and know the pin. Is this possible?

I don’t know about the jam function, but you can mirror your android screen (now broken) to your pc screen with SCRCPY (screen copy). Download it from

Yes, I have the same experience for Spotify jam sessions. I use the desktop app for that since they finally added the feature on it.