Sprints Kingston and Lockdown

As you may be aware we do our development in sprints. Each sprint has a name . Usually we name our sprints after a city. Here we added two sprints. ( Lockdown was just a name we made up as it was relevant to the current time :slight_smile: )
During the last couple of days we were also working on improving our build process. The idea was to optimize the whole process.
This is an update on the next set of fixes that are coming your way.

Upcoming Bug Fixes

This is the list of issues to be resolved in the next build.

Please Note

  • The below list of issues is currently under testing by our testing team.
  • The testing process takes about 1 week. Starting from today.
  • Any issue that still remain open or has not been fixed correctly will be moved to the next sprint cycle.
  • Build would be available OTA ( Over the air) as well as for download for users.
  • Build Testing timeline - 2 June - 8 June
  • In case of any major issue we may create a new build and get it tested.
  • Expected build release timeline 15 Jun to 19 June

Please note some of these bugs were marked private by their creators so would not be visible to all users.




  • Calendar app crashes, when opening an event Check bug detail

  • Update to Etar v1.0.21


  • Email app crashes after adding self hosted cloud in edrive app Check bug detail




  • Please give a warning to user that you spoof the device name when installing /e/ Check bug detail





Translations Check bug detail

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Thanks for the sum up…what about the microphone issue regarding video calls from #1198? Is that included as well and/or is there any chance that this can be distributed way earlier, since it is a major feature not functioning for quite a while and very important during these times?