Square button not showing open apps

If I have more than one app open I used to use the square to view all open apps but now this is not responding at all. Has there been changes made or does this indicate my screen needs replacing? Fairphone 3+ purchased from /e/.

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Seen this too. This is for some weeks now.

Just guess-work: Have you tried to switch to gestures and then back to 3 buttons?

How do I do that? Settings? Just checked, system navigation is set to 3 buttons.

Yeah, there. My suggestion is to switch to gestures (and make sure the device has switched), then go into Settings again and switch back. Just an idea/try.

Done that. But it’s still strange.

When I have running apps in background because I tapped on the round middle button and I tap now on the square button I get an unexpected smaller image of my home screen. Neither I can terminate this app (my launcher) nor I can see any other app there (by swiping left or right).

As I understand this button bar several things are not good:

  • when I see the plain home screen the back button is crap, the middle button also
  • when I see the home screen and I tap on the square button I would expect to get a list of the running apps excluding the launcher
  • when I have the notifications screen open the entire bar should not be visible at all

Only 2-button gestures working. Three button no longer works. Tried swapping, no difference.

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Well today I wanted to make sure no malware present. I use LibreAV and Hypatia. Nothing found. Today used ProtectStar Anti Spyware and only issue were apps reported to be loaded with Ads deleted one, the other is Call Blocker that I had disabled temporarily and had 3 robot calls in last month which I ended within 3 seconds and added to Blacklist. Anyhow, tried going back to 3 buttons and now working. Still issues with App Store though regarding having to refresh session as anonymity profile expired and I am only using Block Trackers in Privacy settings.

Yesterday my square button didn’t work at all anymore. I couldn’t terminate any app. After a reboot I had them still all running but the button worked again. Something is indeed not good anymore with this button.

Mine has mysteriously come back. Just checked before posting