Stability and daily use

Hello there,

i am new to /e/ and would like to hear about your experiences with /e/. Is the current (beta) nightliy stable enough for daily use? I don’t care about some apps or functions not working, i would like a comparison with the LineageOS nightlies for example. Especially for the 5T and the OPO.

Things that must work properly for me:
-Whatsapp (I know, not good for privacy)
-Screen Lock
(-Fingerprint on 5T)
-Voice Calls

Thanks for helping :wink:

Hi @LageT you can check some of the feedback from users on various devices here issues related to oneplus are reported here

Hi @LageT, welcome to /e/.
I am using the /e/ beta since more than five months now. Most of the time on my primary phone and I am happy with it. It is stable as I would would expect it from a non-beta device and yes compared with LOS it is a similar user experience.
Whatsapp seems to work on /e/ (not using it myself, fingerprint, wifi, lte, voice calls magisk, screenlock and camera as well.
Sometimes there are little hickups when new features are introduced, but if there really an issue there’s always someone helping out.

I am personally not on Oneplus but I use /e/ on 2 Xiaomi devices, the difference in quality of the built is similar on both.

The only thing I’d loce to have an improvement is the camera quality with the preinstalled opencamera app. But I think this is in the pipeline. Til them I decided to run a modded version of Google Camera ( and that works really well.