Standard e-mail app not working properly anymore


Since I updated my Nexus 5 on October 3rd the standard e-mail app is not working properly anymore. My OS version now is 0.12-20200100176273

  1. syncing does not work automatically. I have to sync manually.
  2. I get a error message indicating something like an ‘inpropriate string’.

Anyone an idea or a solution?


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I have the same problem with syncing. Works fine manually, but not in the background anymore. I use a GMX mailadress.

Never saw the string error.


on which version were you before updating to 0.12 ? 0.11 or a previous version ?

Because there was this exact issue with Mail on 0.11 but it was supposed to be fixed on 0.12 :

I am very sorry, but I can not give a 100% sure answer.
Normally I update consequently to each new version.
So probably I was on the previous version of 0.12-20200100176273.
I do remember that it was several months ago that I updated to that previous version.
Hope this helps.


Actually there are two issues:

I have both problems.
Besides that everyday I get an error notification concernig eSpeak.
Never seen it, heard of it before…

I was on an older version for me, 0.7 Nougat I guess. Manually updated to 0.11 Oreo about a month ago and currently I’m on 0.12. On 0.7 the mail app was working perfectly fine.

The mails don’t sync in the background, I have to open the app and sync manually to see new mails.

I also get errors from the account manager any time I sync my mail for my Gmail Account, but it syncs the mails just fine (just have it added for calendar sync).

I also get the eSpeak crash message since !y update to 0.12.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 herolte on Dev Channel.

Since a week or so the messages from eSpeak stopped coming.
Other strange thing: casting to my Anycast M-100 does not work anymore.
Not through the casting option, nor through the Wifi Direct option.
I can’t remember that I had the last option in earliers version of /e/

I was wrong. eSpeak still notifies. But only after using camera/gallery.

Hi @a.reinink pl can you update this on gitlab in the comments … I have also noticed this pop up which comes in some of the devices I was using to test with the latest builds.

Screenshot of the app specific strings error:

Occurs every now and then.

According espeak. Had the same issue. Is the synth voice when you use for example navigation tools. If found following solution:
Bad translated since I usw a Herman Version:
System - Languages and Input - Advanced - Text to speech output - preferred module switched Form espeak to pico tts.

Thnkx, I changed it form eSpeak to pico tts.
Hopefully it helps.