Standard Ringtone files disapeared

I just got a new FP3 recently. I bought it with the /e/ system pre-installed. When I set it up a few weeks back, I had a list of standard rigntones available. Since this morning, it is like the folder with ringtone is empty and I have not idea what happened. where can i download it back ? Any idea what happened ?

Thank you (and sorry for this really basic question… still learning :slight_smile: )

I’ve seen users report this in the Fairphone forum.
It was a Nextcloud bug back then … … which should be fixed with a Nextcloud update.

Do you use Nextcloud, or do you use the e cloud, which is based on it?

Thank you @AnotherElk
As recommanded on the post you refered to, I rebooted and the ringtones re-appeared. I did not make the link at first, but as mentioned in the post, the ringtones disapeared after an upload to the infomaniak app, which is quite inconvenient obviously as the phone stops ringing…
Thank you for the help !

@AnotherElk, to answer your question, I use e-cloud but I uploaded the k-drive app as my work files are on it, so I can access them through my phone as needed (especially to transfer photos et docs received). But my phone is connected to an ecloud account.