Start with a personnal server

Hello all !

I will soon make a fresh install of /e/ on my S7.
I just have a question for experts : if at startup I connect my own nextcloud server instead of /e/ account, will calendar, contacts, email be available and synchronize on this nextcloud server ?

Or I need to connect /e/ account too ?
Thanks a lot.

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I’m happy, that you are asking. Please don’t do that, you will crash your system. There is a bug. Only use account for this setup.

If you want use your own nextcloud please use a WebDAV account. It will work fine for calendar and contact sync. For file/photo sync you have to use the nextcloud client.

I made good to ask !! :wink:
Maybe with davx5, It’s possible to synchronize after between /e/ calendar and nextcloud calendar ?

No bug if I install Nextcloud after and use my own server on the phone ?

the WebDav account which you can select in eOS accounts is Davx5 :slight_smile:
And no problem with nextcloud client from f-.droid. I’m using it since beginning of eOS.

Sorry, I still don’t understand everything with what is Webdav…
I thought it was a link to connect nextcloud to pc as a newtork folder.

I had another question : last time I Flashed /e/, I saw voLTE & voWIFI didn’t work on s7.
Any solution to make it work ?

have a look on your device in ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / ‘/e/’. push the + and you will see at the end of the values ‘WebDav’. That’s what I mean

sorry, don’t know. But could be that our Samsung guru @archje will know

By default, the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) - but not every custom ROM. Again and again there are reports of problems with stockROM Android.

These features are especially dependent on the SIM-Proider and the SIM-Ttarif. Not every LTE tariff supports VoLTE and VoWiFi. That means: before buying the SIM & Tarif, check if these faetures are supported.

My SIM-Carrier does not support advanced features like VoLTE and VoWiFi, because I only use a very cheap prepaid card. But I can see the status information and the switches for these features in my S7 Edge with /e/ OS ROM 7.1.2 Nougart which are greyed out for me.

Sad, I just flashed /e/ on my 930F.
My sim provider authorizes voLTE with his own stockROM and some others.
If I go back to stock, flash provider stock rom then flash /e/, maybe it would work with good CSC ?

Have you ever tried the procedure with a custom ROM 9-pie (LOS 16.0) or 10 (LOS 17.1)?

No, only stock custom rom and /e/.
I’ll try some custom roms and search solutions