Status of Fairphone 4?

I am wondering whether /e/ is really usable on the Fiarphone 4 for the time being. FP4 Device corrupted and won’t boot in locked mode after /e/OS install (#5107) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab seems to indicate that you won’t be able to lock the bootloader after installing /e/. It would be great if the documentation could represent this problem. indicates that an unlocked bootloader leaves the data on the phone unprotected unless the file system is encrypted. From the documentation I cannot easily tell whether /e/ encrpyts the file system and what the security impact of the unlocked bootloader is.
At the /e/ shop the Fairphone 4 is currently out of stock - is this because of these problems or is there a different reason?
I am looking for an alternative to Android with at least the same level of security so this is actually quite important to me.
Thanks for clarifying and all the great work on /e/!

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The file system is encrypted by default.

Risk of unlocked bootloader is e.g. described here: How bad is it really with the bootloader unlocked? - #3 by e.follower

I’m quite sure the reason is just that because of the device still being quite new and the global delivery crisis you just have to wait until new devices are delivered to resellers like e Foundation.


I flashed my FP4 from Fairphone by myself and I locked the bootloader without any corrupting issues.


Same for me with the guide on /e/ site.


I have also bought a FP4 and flashed e OS with the instructions listed in this webpage and it works great


Thanks a lot for the response and the help! :slightly_smiling_face:
Also one remark: I have to admit I did not fully understand the bug report. It seems it is impossible to lockl the boot loader only if the OS that was installed before /e/ had a newer patch level. I missed that point.

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Well, I will be listing my FairPhone 4 for sale. Couldn’t recomend buying it tho. Camera2API is missing almost all features so you can’t use widescreen lens in most apps and DoF sensor doesn’t work at all in /e/OS.

Overal built quality and materials made me even more dissapointed, it’s really poor and after only one month, green coating is worn off on places. Not even mentioning some important spare parts (midframe etc…) not being availible for sale. Only €300 repair possible.