Status of Photos sync and the general mess of Photos on murenacloud?

What is the current state of sync for Photos? It has been generally unpredictable for me over the last year - currently it has not been syncing for over a week (again). I don’t expect instantaneous sync, but waiting days, sometimes weeks, is a little infuriating.

Plus, the current state of Photos on murenacloud is a mess -

  • The sorting feature does not sort things properly…almost every time I load the Photos tab on a PC there will be older photos mixed up with newer ones no matter what sorting method is chosen.

  • Sometimes photos not taken during a certain month appear in the current month.

  • Several times I have noticed photos previously deleted from both phone and murenacloud that mysteriously return. Is this counting against my alotted cloud storage? Because that is also infuriating, as I try to keep reasonably below my data cap.

Organizationally it just needs more work, and better/more sorting options added. Is this a priority for the team? Because it seems like a big feature, and one of the few ones that really could use some attention.

(I use a Moto One 5G Ace that works great, except for Photo sync)

Nobody??? This is sad.

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I suspect there is nor response because there is nothing to report. Photo sync does still seem to be not as good as it should be.

Advice in other threads and in Telegram is to

  • disable file and photo sync in your /e/ Account settings,
  • install the NextCloud desktop sync app (here in F-Droid - should also be available in App Lounge)
  • configure NextCloud to aync your photos
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August 2023 and it’s still the same. Some photo’s/videos upload, and some don’t. There’s nothing to indicate what the sync status is.

FairPhone3 running lastest /e/ OS.

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Same problem encountered here on two FP4 phones (different accounts).

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I’ve disabled my photo sync altogether. Why should I have to employ a separate Nextcloud server/sync? That’s an extra hassle and would cost more money & time.

I already pay /e/-murena good money every month for this feature (among others), so what is the roadblock to having it work right? Does everyone like paying for faulty service?

I guess I could harass @Manoj or repost this issue repeatedly until it is answered or until photo sync is fixed, but I have a life !

I created a foto album with pictures in it on…they got synced within < 30 min to the phone DCIM folder. Other drawers like 100ANDRO or Camera where not synced back so in conclusion I would suspect it depends… ;- )