Status of Pixel 2 XL and other questions

Hello all,

I gave /e/ OS a try before the holidays and could not get it to install… I needed to use the phone ASAP to… make calls! (I know, I am weird!) So I installed the usual Lineage OS I am used to.
(See my post about this episode here. )

I would like to give it another try, but don’t feel like spending 17 hours of debugging to get the OS installed! What is the current status of /e/ on the google Pixel 2 XL

[Off-Topic] It feels so satisfying to de-googleify a google phone vs other brands… don’t you think? [/Off-topic]

Further questions:

I tried removing every google services on my phone and got some issues… Since I needed to go on with my life, I reinstalled some services and figured I will find answers BEFORE the next time I try to ban google entirely! What do you people use for these purposes ? :

  • GPS and navigation
  • In car features (AKA Android Auto) is it even possible to have something else than Android auto show up on the car’s screen?
  • Voice recognition

See a pattern here? How the hell can I use /e/ with a car?

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Also gave it a try… it does not boot so far…

Which bootloader, TWRP and stock OS should you be using, when following the documentation?

Are bumps even legal here? Feel free to tell me if this is not accepted! :slight_smile:

Both Magic Earth (included in the normal /e/ ROM) and OsmAnd+ (installed from F-Droid) work well for me. I generally use OsmAnd+ as it is also useful for navigation while walking and running

Sorry I can’t help here: my car is too old to know about anything more modern than CDs :slight_smile: I have an ioPlay Bluetooth combined hands-free and audio streaming unit - sadly no longer available - wired in for playing music, taking calls and satnav voice prompts

Again, I can’t be much help as I never use VR. When I looked into it for my wife’s phone - running LineageOS for microG - I seem to remember that we needed Google’s service to make it work