Status of support for S7


we have been using ResurrectionRemix so far and would now like to switch to /e/ with 30 phones. Unfortunately /e/ is used with Android 7, which will probably not receive any security patches after the end of support for LOS14.1?! What is the status of the port to a higher version and will S7 be supported in the future?

Thanks for answering - RoF

Yes, unfortunately the Galaxy S7 “herolte” currently still runs under /e/ OS 7-nougat. However, you will still receive a security update, albeit with several weeks delay. Current status “Android security patch level” March 5, 2020. Other devices with /e/ OS 9 pie are one month ahead: April 5, 2020.

The migration from /e/ OS 7-nougart to 8-Oreo 8.1.0 is on the way and is currently being tested internally. It is expected in a short time.

/e/ OS 9-Pie is on the to-do list. This also means that the S7 “herolte” is still supported by /e/.

PS: Wow, how mysterious: “we … with 30 phones”?


Thank you for the advice. Is it possible to test the internal pre-release? We’re trying to rebuild the system right now…
PS: Nothing special, we only focus on opensource and data security for the employees - that’s why /e/

Hello @RoF, please contect our community leader @Manoj.

That’s a good news. Could you give us a more precise estimation for the migration to android 8?

No, I can’t. I guess only @rhunault can correctly name the status quo. Personally, I will only be satisfied with a /e/ OS ROM 9-pie.

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Thanks for your answer. Of course a Pie update is something to do but since it seems still far away, I’d really need the oreo migration to take place since I want to use the new installer to install /e/ on a second hand S7. I’ve read that it’s better not to try to install /e/ nougat on an up to date smartphone.

/e/ for herolte dev (nougat) update now e-0.9-n-2020051153544-dev-herolte now with Android security patch level April 5, 2020.


The same applies to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - “hero2lte

I tried to install it but it fails in TWRP:

Echec de la vérification des signatures du zip!
Erreur lors de l’installation du fichier zip ‘@/cache/recovery/’

This is the first time an update fails…

There may be an error during the zip download,
Download it again and the verification key…

To download it again, I have to delete it first, but I can’t do it through the update tool because the update did not succeed. In which folder are dowloaded the packages?

EDIT: I could finally delete it with a long press.

On the /e/ server :

On your phone :
In /settings /system /updates

With TWRP :

Before the OTA update I made a TWRP NANDroid backup on microSD card for security reasons. My update went fine.

After a second download in /settings /system /updates, it seems that the verification key is still missing.
So I made the installation in TWRP without signature verification.

Thanks for you help!

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