[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

Download rom

roomservice.xml and some build information are also in that folder.

build seems working. Quick&dirty test was done by @archje.

Have fun


In a :de: German - :austria: Austrian cooperation, the Samsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte” was successfully migrated to /e/ OS e-0.9-pie. Included are the security patches 5 May 2020.

Based on this, with a test phase involving as many interested /e/ users as possible, it should now be possible to generate an official /e/ OS ROM 9-pie-herolte from it.

salutehutziehen Brava! Bravo! Bravi! @harvey186,


Hi, thanks for this :slight_smile:

There is the hero2lte build in the download folder, I guess it’s a mistake.

There are two builds available for download


I know, because of the ecloud bug I wasn’t able to move to the right folder. So I leave it where it is :wink:

Did anyone try to make a dirthy flash over the Android 7 built?

make a full backup via twrp and try for your own


Sorry, I don´t know what meaning the roomservice has, and if it is important… and what it means to run built directory… where can I find information? I ask, because in the build_herolte.txt it is mentioned. Or can I simple flash througt TWRP as usual?

These additional informations are for people who want build for there own.

For flashing / updating you only need the zip file

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I did a clean install. The e-0.9-p-20200530-UNOFFICIAL-herolte.zip can be installed with the usual methods, i.e. via adb sideload or in TWRP via Install.

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Hej @Guenter, thanks for the response. Carry on, please!

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Can’t wait !! :slight_smile:

And big thanks for this pi/e/ build !

Working great.
Thank you very much!

Is it possible to restore apps from official build (settings in /e/ account, in ecloud) ?

apps, no. only settings.

You can extract the e.native applications from the official build and add it on this minimal version as Archje did

The advantage of the subsequent installation of e.foundation apps is that they do not act as system mappings and therefore can be uninstalled by the user with 2, 3 taps without having to use ADB or TWRP file manager.

No, there is no maintainer. I have build it once. I don’t know if I will have time to build it later once more

they know about. But there resources are reserved for other things. It’s sad, yes, I know

I don’t want to speak to @manoj but… I know (i have a S7) it’s difficult but… Be patient. It’s a small team for a great projetc. An oreo and pie build for S7 is planned. It is longer but, these build will be maintained…