Steps to build an unofficial /e/ ROM from an unofficial LineageOS ROM


I would like to know what are the different steps in order to create an unofficial /e/ ROM from an unofficial LineageOS flashable ROM that contains a system/ and a META-INF/ folders as well as a boot.img and a files.

I found an unofficial LineageOS ROM 14.1 and I tried to generate a /e/ v1-nougat ROM for the phone by reusing the boot.img and by modifying two directories:

  • device/ : I used the script from the LineageOS documentation
  • vendor/ : the proprietary libraries were the ones in the system folder

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I first got a boot loop. Then, I noticed that my partitions were in yaffs format. So I tried to modify the recovery.fstab in the device folder and some build scripts to have ext4 partitions.
At this point, I no longer have a boot loop but the phone cannot mount the partitions.

Could you please help me with this problem?

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It would be wonderful to have a complete lesson about those things, it looks so complicated…
Right now I’ve the feeling that if you don’t know in real life somebody who teach you how to build ROM, you won’t learn anything.

Only changing a little here and there can’t work. You have to build the e rom from beginning on. There are too much sources changed on every site.

A really working build howto is here [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

I have build with this script a lot of e roms successfull.

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Hi @fantome as @harvey186 mentioned we do have a topic created on how to build non-lineageaos-supported ROM’s here. In addition I am trying to get one of the developers to help write a guide which can help with the steps on porting a device. The developers are super-busy so you can imagine the progress on this guide has been super-slow. Will update on the forum once we have it ready.