Sticky Password not connecting

I have a problem with my password manager Sticky Password, I can’t login: each time I enter my login and my password, a message from the app on top of the screen says “Not connected to the internet”. But all other apps works… On my other phone, it works very well… Any idea ?

Maybe it’s too much dependant of the Google Play Services. I’m sure an open source password manager without trackers exists somewhere.

Well I know KeePass, but I haven’t still find the one I am searching:

  • open course
  • self hosted
  • synchronisation with several devises

A combination of “Password-File on your Nextcloud” + “clients for different devices” might suit your needs.
For the kdbx file format, that is used by KeePass 2, there are open source software clients available on most platforms.

I forgot to mention and available off line…

Nextcloud provides a Desktop-client that takes care of automatic offline-file-synchronization.
However I am not sure, if the Nextcloud-App also synchronizes files automatically - so this solution might not fit all of your needs.