Stock Browser and it's Search's

Need clarification why when using the Browser as a search engine which comes with Murena One is and when one searches for anything there are many many Google searches which one can chose from. Why have a search engine which Murena is Anti Google, Anti Apple which brings up so much Google items?

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I am pretty sure anonymizes the search requests so you are not being tracked, etc. So while it does have google search enabled, it is not the same as going to and searching.

Note that spot allows you to configure what search engines it aggregates information from. You can open preferences then go to the “engines” tab and there you can turn off what you don’t want to include.

Here is more information on spot:

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Thanks rikshaw. There are many options with this phone and I am amazed the time and thoughtfulness taken to come up with a really neat system.

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I am relatively new to the ecosystem as well (I only used it casually a few years ago and am now giving a more through investment to it). Good luck!