Stock/OEM camera app in ASUS Zenfone 6

Has anybody been able to successfully run the stock camera app for Zenfone 6 in eOS? The camera for this phone is one of the flagship features and I’d hate to lose the features provided by the OEM app.

I’m currently using Omni ROM and it ships with the camera app out of the box and it is working fine, however I had trouble getting it to work with LineageOS before that.

Omni ROM doesn’t release any updates for my device now and the experience is a little buggy as well, so I really want to try eOS but I don’t want to lose my camera.

I installed eOS today after encountering some issues, mainly requiring to flash the service firmware to bring back Android version down to 10 (I had Omni ROM 12 installed), otherwise it wouldn’t boot.

Everything looks good so far, I side-loaded the camera app with the ASUS Camera addon package posted on the LineageOS thread on XDA forum.

Unfortunately it keeps asking me to grant permissions, even though I already allowed all of them. Maybe a developer can help me here…?

I found a way to fix this issue, but you need root:

  1. Uninstall the camera app with an app manager which supports uninstalling system apps (I used App Manager by MuntashirAkon)
  2. Launch an ADB shell from your computer and run this command: pm install-existing

It will reinstall the app for your user account since it isn’t actually removed from the system (because the system partition is mounted read-only).

Now relaunch the app and give it all the permissions, it should now work, don’t ask me how because I don’t know. It also works with the stock Gallery app which had the same issue.

Unfortunately the camera app has more issues, I made my own update addon package with the gallery addon and that’s what I have working now, but it doesn’t work properly.

I was able to partially fix it by modifying build.prop in the system partition and adding in the properties related to camera from OmniROM’s build.prop.

I can click pictures but it starts taking very long bursts instead of a single capture, video doesn’t work etc.

The problem might be that I extracted the apps from OmniROM’s Android 11 fork, but eOS is based on Android 10. To test that I want to make a new package with Android 10 apps but I can’t extract them:

If anyone wants to try it, they can download the updated package I made and side-load it from recovery, I uploaded it to MEGA.

If any developer is reading this and think they can help, please get in touch.