Stop Creating Folders In My Email Account - Turn Off Sync In ROMS By Default


I hope the staff of /e/ will see/read this.

I personally only use the account for email, nothing else.

I have no need of the Cloud, never have, never will. I keep all my data Locally that I need.

I noticed that when I deleted the Files under All Files, they returned. Also even more disturbing, my phone is not connected to my account, and one of the folders recreated was a Device folder, with a sub folder, with the name of my phone. Yes when I created an account and it was syncing my email, I can understand how I end up with a Device folder, with my phone device, but then I deleted it, and it should of never returned.

Also for Privacy, should never be listing our device names like this.

If this is my email account, and I delete my file/folders, then they should not be getting recreated, but they are.

PLEASE FIX so when we delete the files/folders they are not being recreated!

Also a lot of users that are either buying your phones, or flashing the ROMS, might not realize, that by default all their data, once they create an account, is going to be synced online. If Privacy and someone’s Data is their Data, as by the understanding of the Mission of /e/ then by default to protect your end-users, Sync should be off by default.

I made the mistake myself thinking I had the Sync off, to later realize all my data was on and I wasn’t happy about that, and a Data/Privacy Focused system, doesn’t turn on things by default, they should be off by default, and then up to the end-user to turn Sync on if they want.

Two things should be considered here for these email accounts, I hope you can implement.

A Default Profile option, an option in the email account, that if you pick, will create all these folders by default, or an option to disable this.

If the Mission of /e/ is to be Privacy Data focused, then end-users should be given choices, of how they want things setup. When you think about this, there is the Plus Sign + at the top for end-users to create their own files/folders already. So no one should be forced into having their emal account with a layout imposed upon them, but that is what’s happening using this account, it does create all the directories automatically.

Here’s my files/folders all deleted, this is how I want it, until I decide, if I want to add something, customized to my liking.

I also noticed something, if I log into the site, when I click on the Notes icon at the top, then go back and click on All files, a Notes folder gets automatically created, this should not be happening.

Again, the system, either on the phone, or on the website, should not be automatically creating anything.

/e/ is not understanding something; Freedom of Choice, allowing end-users to Choose what they want, when they want it, not a system doing it for them. My Data is My Data, also needs to reflect in your company, my OS, my Device(s), my Accounts are mine too, to do as I please.

I understand, that /e/ wanted to make it simple for end-users, and give them a more complete experience, etc., as to why you took this approach, but all the while forgetting, in a world where companies talk about things in the way you are, you don’t do this either, you allow the end-users to Choose.

You forgot somewhere along the line, that My Choice is My Choice too… :slight_smile: