Stop music when called

Hey together,

is there a possibility to stop the music when a call comes in, even if the phone is muted/on vibration?


My FP3 does exactly this. When a call comes in the music is automatically paused. After the call the music must be started again manually.

Very strange, even if its muted? My FP3+ only does it as long as its not muted.

I did never mute my phone.

Maybe this Happens because oft the permission for the APP to listen to Calls… Sometimes music Apps like spotify ask you for Permission to access calls and you deny it out of reflex. They usually only need it to see when a call comes in and stop the music. In this case its weird because music is a system app and you never grant permissions…

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late answer.
Yeah, I actually use Apple Music, but unfortunately it doesnt even ask for the permission.
I thought about a system-wide feature, as it is in iOS. There, every app has to be quiet when a call comes in.

as far as I know, apps don’t need Telephony permission in order to pause on a call. Spotify doesn’t even have such permission available to grant.