Stop power button from rejecting incoming calls


I recently installed /e/OS on my Fairphone 3. When I receive a call and pull the phone from my pocket, I accidentally hit the power button. That rejects the call instantly. Is there a way to disable this or to let the power button just mute the incoming call?

Note that this happens before I accept the call.

Thanks for any help!

Surprising, that you don’t found it in -->settings -->system -->buttons

I didn’t find it there, as it is not there ;). I want to prevent the power button from rejecting the call, not to hang up a call in progress.

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This is a side effect, I think. An incoming call will get the phone out of standby mode, the power button will put it back into standby mode, shutting down the incoming call as collateral damage.

Question is whether this could be prevented, I don’t see a setting for it momentarily.

If you are using a bumper or case covering the power button, you could cut out the part covering the button, so you can’t press it by accident anymore.

It would still be good to know whether the End call setting is disabled for you. While the difference of what you mean is clear, Android might treat it all the same as a “current call”, at least the term is ambiguous.