Stopp those emails from newsletter

I received now over 100 emails and had to stopp synch to my mobile. Please fix that asap.

Although I’m new here, I dare to answer you alrady :wink:

If I get you right: Normally, you can group notifications to a consolidated/grouped mail, e. g. a daily one.

If I didn’t get you right: Could you just explain more precisely what you mean?
E. g.: Where are the emails exactly coming from? The forum? A newsletter ”by the /e/ foundation“, …?
Otherwise, it’s quite hard to speculate into the right direction to help you…

Well I should have written newsletter of murena. And therefor you are not helping. I know how to handle emails and many other computer related things.

About an hour after I wrote here they resolved the issue. But receiving the same newsletter 190 times is aggrovating. I even had to turn off sync on my mobile