Storing contacts on phone without account (simple contact pro and simple contact pro SE) : no "device" storage provided

Hi, just posting for reference, since I found a workaround

here is my issue : I want to use simple contact pro (and derivate SE version) instead of default contact app, because they have “group feature” that allow to group contact (friends, familly, workteam…)

I also use a “account less” device (no murena, no google account…) installing app in anonymous.

when I try to import the vcf backup, on simple contact pro and simple contact pro SE, the “device” storage don’t exist, I can only import it in “app storage”

the workaround : import first the vcf on /e/os contact, which won’t preserve the group info, then import it again on simple contact*, now the device storage will be available, and second import will restore the group info

best regards

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