Straight AOSP vs /e/

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I love this project, and absolutely will be putting it on my S9+, but not without some idea of what changes I have to make to my digital life. So, I have a Lenovo tablet with 4g that I am going to flash with Lineage OS. I forget the Lineage version, but it’s Android 9.
So, my question is this. How comparable of an experience will I have between a device with Lineage OS without gapps and a device with /e/ OS? My goal with the tablet is to approximate the experience so I can figure out what’s gonna work best for me on my phone. I’m can’t sacrifice the usefulness of my phone for the learning curve, so I hope this plan will do it for me. Any suggestions on what to do, or not to do, with the tablet, besides not installing gapps, to make the experience closer to what I can expect on my phone is also very useful to me. Thanks

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I guess that if you install micro-g ( on your tablet you’ll have an /e/-ish experience in terms of constraint. However, /e/ Apps market is still a good add value to /e/ and I don’t know if you can have it on a lineage device. If you want to know more about what is inside /e/OS see :

The advice I’d give you :

Lastly, testing that on a tablet might not work, for example my banking app doesn’t work on android vanilla tablet.

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