Strange in charge

Good evening community, from Spain something strange has just happened to me, I left charging the s7 off to 100x100, this afternoon when I arrived I turned it on and it marked 58%. Has anyone else happened to you?

Hi @tomas have you always had this issue when charging or is this something which started recently. This could be a hardware issue. Faulty batteries can cause this.You can observe for a couple of days if it is persistent. Also check what apps are running on the phone.

Iā€™m going to do that, thanks @Manoj

Hi Tomas,
if you leave your phone to charge a long time what should be normally enough to charge 100% and the battery shows less than 100% charged, the issue is most likely a battery calibration issue.
Best way to solve is to use the smartphone until the battery is drained and the phone turns off. Then charge completely with smartphone not powered on. Once phone has been charged fully, power on normally.
This should solved the problem.
All the best.

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Thanks @alexis this weekend I will do the steps although for the moment the uploads and the download has been good, however a calibration will not hurt, again thanks.

Well, keep doing the same, if you have it on and load it you have no problems that if, you turn it off you charge it 100% and leaving it one day untouched, charged 100% of the previous day then you turn it on and it has 52%, it is very rare because what has been said on has no problem, when the problem appears it is as I say and repeat, charging it 100% off you leave it off one day and when you turn it on it does not retain that load. I think I know what to do not turn it off be always working or a quick restart and so no problem.