Strange SIM-PIN behaviour


Hi @ All,

turned down my phone today facing a lack of power and when I started it again I was asked to fill in my SIM-PINs as usual and anyhow I found myself in a loop a filling out PINs, where the SIM-Card names weren’t shown and the correct PINs weren’t accepted (inclusive warning for failing a third time & need of contacting my provider). Desperately rebooted the phone and connected it to power - and everything worked as usual. Mm, bit irritated. 1.13-s-20230724313396-stable-fp3. Other weird stuff: once there has been a new Gaming App, which I definitely hadn’t installed being aware of it. Some Deutsche Bahn Apps weren’t working, they always redirected to an online login via browser. After de-installing them, they disappeared from the App Lounge as well - or at least I can’t find them anymore. Should I reset the whole phone and make a new installation or might this be “just” a chain of unfortunate coincidences?

Did anyone observe similar stuff or should I take this personally? :wink:

Thanks for support & best regards!

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Hello, this strange SIM/PIN behaviour is something I see on a regular basis. Each time I turn my phone on and wait for like a minute or more before entering the PIN of SIM card, I get into this loop you describe. Then I have no other solution than restarting the phone, as you did.

Hi, could reproduce this behaviour - thanks a lot for your answer! Probably I’m always so excited about watching the popping E that I’ve never experienced a delay before ;-). Missing DB Apps in the App Store occur quite often due to some network connection failures. Sometimes I got some E-messages (“data could no load” or so) with link to an empty FAQ-site, sometimes not. Although other “official” Apps like Kleinanzeigen, Immoscout, Google, eg appear from time to time. Thanks & all the best! Maike

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